MyCompanyWeb Reseller’s Guide (V.2.1)

MyCompanyWeb Reseller's Guide (V.2.1)
Yet another SkyNetHosting  Goody! Anybody in need of a completely automated website which lets you to become professional web hosting provider within few hours, then by all means, this is worth checking out! This guide is written to explain how to sell and configure web hosting and other services to customers using MCW. How do ...

Do I get to keep all 100% of what I made from a sale?

Yes. All your clients pay directly to you and only to you.

Any discounts on SEO Hosting for MyCompantWeb users?

For SEO plans we don’t offer any discounts but you can sell it to a higher price than us.

After a sale,how is the money handled in terms of Hosting Plans?

SEO Hosting: You must purchase SEO Hosting from us and then you can sell it to your customer. Master Reseller Hosting: We no longer offer this therefore it is not added to MyCompanyWeb .We removed master reselling  mainly due to the fact that most master reseller scripts have serious security issues and the script providers ...

How do I start selling with MyCompanyWeb?

If someone purchases a VPS or a server from you, you need to take the order and then purchase it from us. After you’ve done so you can sell it to the customer.

Will the WHMCS payment links be updated according to my domain?

Yes. We will edit the payment links to your domain and upload on request.

How do I modify MycompanyWeb template to add my information?

Since there is quite number of changes to do site wide, you need to download the site and manage it. Login to your FTP or cPanel account and download all the files with “.htm” extension and the “styles.css” file inside the CSS folder of MyCompanyWeb. Follow this link to get instructions on how to edit ...

How easy is it to use MyCompanyWeb template?

It is quite easy to use the template and you can be up and running quickly. It will be half a day’s work as there is some amount of editing to do before it can start to function as your very own website. But you can easily modify them yourself. Basically you have to: replace ...

How can I activate MyCompanyWeb?

Once you have received your welcome email you can open a ticket asking to enable MyCompanyWeb on a domain that you prefer. When we install MyCompanyWeb on the given domain, all content on that domain will be removed and replaced with MyCompanyWeb data, so it’s important to provide a domain that you don’t have any ...

When will MyCompanyWeb feature go live?

MyCompanyWeb is alreday live but it’s still in beta testing