How to Create a CSR and Install a Third Party SSL Certificate in WHM

As a reseller, you can install the ComodoPositive SSL certificate obtained through SkyNetHosting – for your customers in your WHM panel – by your self! You’ve only got to follow few steps, so lets get to it.

  1. Log into your WHM panel

  2. Click on SLT/TLS icon in home page > Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request



  3. Next, fill in the details your client has provided accordingly to generate the Certificate Signing in Request > next click on Create button

  4. On the next page, you will then see Signing Request, Certificate, and Key fields. Copy the text in the fields, as needed. When you request an SSL, provide the Signing Request as your “CSR” to request for the ComodoPositive SSL certificate from


  5. Now that you have the CSR genetated, open a ticket to our CS department ( ) > paste in the CSR you just generated along with the related domain you are purchasing the cert for, your client’s hostmaster@ email ID and password and request for the ComodoPossitve SSL certificate.

  6. When the SSL certificate has been provisioned from our end, you will be updated about it through the same ticket you submitted.
  7. Now log into the hostmaster@ web mail account using port: 2095 and choosing any one of the given mail software applications > go to the inbox.

  8. You will see the Domain Control Validation email for the domain. Click open the email and enter the validation code in the given URLdcvvalidationcodedcvvalidation1


  9. Wait for a couple of minutes to receive the SSL cert to the same hostmaster@ email. Once you receive it, copy from Begin Certificate to End Certificate (including the two lines) and proceed to the installation of it.SSLcert
  10. Once you receive the SSL certificate, log into your WHM > SSL/TLS icon > Install an SSL certificate on a Domain


  11. Fill in the Domain section with the related domain you are installing and click on Autofill by Domain to fill out the remaining fields.


  12. If  Autofill by Domain doesn’t fill in the related fields, you can manually feed in these:
    Certificate: copy and paste the SSL cert you received
    Private Key: Copy and paste the contents of the .key file
    Certificate Authority Bundle: Copy and paste the contents of the ca bundle, this would be provided when you purchase an SSL.

  13. Finally click on Submit button.