MCW Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MyCompanyWeb ?

MyCompanyWeb is a pre-made, WHMCS back-end supported, complete private-labeled, retail website from where your customers can sign up for various products and services. The template is designed and developed using HTML 4, CSS 3 and JavaScript. You can edit and customize the template online  using our drag and drop editor with zero knowledge with HTML.

It’s just a matter of minutes before you can start your very own web hosting company with MyCompanyWeb installed. Sign up for any supported reseller hosting plans to get MyCompanyWeb under your domain.

2. What are the plans that offer MyCompanyWeb ?

MyComapanyWeb is offered with all Reseller VIP plans on any location and with the Corporate Reseller VIP plan .

3. How easy is it to use MyCompanyWeb template?

It is quite easy to use the template and you can be up and running quickly. It will be a few hours work as there is some amount of editing to do before it can start to function as your very own website. But you can easily modify them yourself. Basically you have to:

1. Activate MyCompanyWeb from skynet member area – 5 Minutes.
2. Create a subdomain to install WHMCS (bankend/member area for customers) – 2 Minutes
3. Install WHMCS from cPanel using Auto Installer – Average 10 Minutes
4. Install MyCompanyWeb – Average 15 Minutes
5. Publish site, customize it, upload logo and install predefined hosting packages – 35 Minutes
6. Customize the predefined hosting packages and change prices (if needed)
7. Add your WHM (Reseller Account) to WHMCS. (If you need automate account creation)
8. Enable cPanel Module for hosting packages. (If you need automate account creation)
9. Configure domain reseller account – Average 15 Minutes
10. Add a payment gateway to receive payments (PayPal, 2Checkout etc.) – 15 Minutes

You can do all these editing using the online editor we are offering with MCW.

4. How do I download the MCW zip file?

First you have to order the MCW addon from your client area. Once the order is accepted , you can follow the step 1 as explained in this tutorial.

5. How do I install MCW?

Installing MCW is really simple and anyone who is new to hosting also can do it without any hassle. We have explained everything in this detailed tutorial with images so it will be easy for you to install it.

6. Why I get the error “Invalid Install Domain” after configuring MCW with WHMCS?

Please make sure your domain is working and pointing to skynet servers. You can check to see if it have any DNS issue from , if you continue have the problem you can open a ticket with your cPanel and WHMCS logins to our support department.

7. How can I add my logo to MCW?  /  My logo is not showing ?

Check if the logo url/path was added to MCW properly and make sure if the logo is upload to the given path/url. If all the things are done correctly but still the logo is not there, please open us a ticket with the logo URL along with your WHMCS admin login details so we can check the issue.

8. What prices should I use/how to edit prices of my packages?

MCW can install pre defined set of hosting packages if you wish, the prices are that given on these packages are for guidance only and you may update the prices as your choice. You can create hosting packages from your WHMCS and update them with the prices you are going to offer. You can refer this tutorial to setup prices in WHMCS.

9. How can I accept payments from clients through MCW?

You can configure a payment gateway with WHMCS as explained in this tutorial and start accepting paymnets from your clients.

10. How do I setup the email to receive newsletter subscriber details?

You can enable the sign up for newsletter option as per this tutorial. .

Once you complete these steps , you will receive an email whenever a user sign up for the newsletter.

11. How do I enable/install JivoChat on MCW? / I installed JivoChat but its not working?

Please check following tutorial for installing and troubleshooting JivoChat issues. If the chat is not working once it’s installed, please try the fix provided at the bottom of the tutorial as “Note:”.  If you continue have the problem you can open a ticket with your cPanel and WHMCS logins to us, so we can check on resolving the issues.

12. Does MCW theme works on mobile & Is it responsive ?

Yes, the MCW theme is fully responsive to mobiles and works on any device or in any screen resolutions.

13. Is it possible to auto provision the VPS and Dedicated servers with MCW?

Not at this time. For dedicated servers and VPS plans you have to take the order from client then  purchase the same from us and resend the welcome email that we send you, to your client. Only the Hosting plans setup can be fully automated at this time. We will be planning to offer this feature on the next version of MCW.

14. How do I add more hosting Packages to MCW main page?

With the MCW V2, it’s not possible to add more packages than the 3 packages already added in MCW home page but you can add any amount of packages to the shopping cart area. The home page only show limited packages to make it fast loading.

15. Do I get to keep all 100% of what I made from a sale?

Yes. All your clients pay directly to you and only to you. You can adjust the prices and maximize your profit on your business.

16.  After changing site from http:// to https:// I’m unable to upload after editing page – Getting Error: “Error submit page”

On MCW addon when you edit index page from “Design” pane and hit “Done” button site is not uploading, showing error: “Error submit page”. Other options such as reinstall, edits/uploads are working – Also upload is working if done from “Source” pane. In configuration cpanel logins are correct.

How to Fix: This problem is due to misconfiguration with SSL settings. Go to WHMCS member area > Setup > General Settings > WHMCS System URL: and change it from from http:// to https:// if the site is already using SSL.