Enabling WHMCS cPanel Module for hosting packages

Setting Up a cPanel Package from WHMCS to use with Products/Services

To setup a cPanel package, go to Setup > Products/Services and choose the related product that you need to enable the cPanel module by going to Module Settings tab, select “cpanel” in the module dropdown field and then for a shared hosting package:

A. Simple Mode (recommended)

A list of the available packages configured in WHM (reseller account) will be populated into the WHM Package Name field. Select the package you wish to be created when this product is ordered and then finally as with all products you have the option of choosing the automatic setup option you want for new orders, be it immediately as soon as the order is placed, as soon as the initial payment has been received (recommended) or waiting until an admin manually reviews & accepts the pending orders. Once you are done, click Save Changes. (To use the simple Mode you have to make sure you have already created the related hosting packages from WHM > Home > Packages > Add a Package. Until you do this packagers will not show under the dropdown menu)


B.  Advanced Mode (Recommended for advanced users and dedicated server/VPS clients)

There is also the option to define custom packages – you can do that by clicking the switch to Advanced Mode link. Advanced mode presents various options to customise the way the hosting account is created on the cPanel server. One of the possible configurations allows for quotas to be specified on a per-account basis rather than at a per-package level (You will need root access for this to work and can not do it as a reseller). To achieve this:

Leave the WHM Package Name field empty
Enter vales in the Web Space Quota and Bandwidth Limit fields.
Define the individual limits into the fields the module settings page. If a field is left blank, WHMCS will not send a value to cPanel which will result in a quota being set to unlimited for that item.
Max Addon Domains is the last field that applies to shared hosting accounts in the list.

The login to control panel link displayed in the admin area is based upon the server hostname if available, if not, the IP address will be used. The usage of http and https login links depends upon the state of the “Secure” checkbox in the server configuration eg. When ticked, the https link with port 2087 is used. It uses the xfercpanel function, so when prompted, enter your WHM login details (not the client’s cPanel details) and you will be logged into the client’s account with reseller privileges.

Common Problems

1. You do not have permission to use Selected Package: If you receive this error when trying to create an account then you need to correct the Packages Name setting. To do this, go to Setup > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings on the package where you are receiving the error. Where it asks for the WHM Package Name, you must enter this exactly as it appears in WHM – which should be in the format username_packagename.

2. Package Not Allowed or Exceeded Resource/Account Allocation: This error most likely means you only have reseller access to your server and are trying to create an account without a valid package name. You need to make sure the WHM Package Name in the product configuration of WHMCS matches exactly what is setup in your WHM.

3. Resellers are not permitted to create subdomains of the server’s main domain: This means no domain has been selected and is missing. Ensure the product has a domain name entered. You may need to enable Require Domain in Setup > Product/Services > Edit.

4. Unable to validate setting for language: english: cPanel/WHM have made a number of changes to their API in the latest versions that are not backwards compatible. Therefore it is no longer possible to use an old version of WHMCS with the latest version of cPanel. You will need to upgrade your WHMCS install to version 4.2.1 or above.

5. Sorry, that username is reserved: cPanel/WHM does not allow usernames to contain the phrase “test” amongst others, so when this error occurs, simply change the username under the client’s products/services tab and run the Create Module Command again.

6. Sorry, a group for that username already exists: An account with this username already exists on the server. This error can occur on shared servers even when you do not have an account with this username under your reseller account another reseller on the same server may be using it already. To resolve, navigate to the client’s Products/Services tab, change the Username, click Save Changes and finally click the “Create” Module Command button.

7. Login Failed: There are two possible causes for this error:

A. The login details under Setup > Servers > Edit are incorrect. Please ensure you are using either the username + access hash combination or the username + password combination and that the login details are correct.

The Brute Force Protection settings are preventing WHMCS from creating/suspending/terminating accounts via the cPanel API. Please adjust the BFP settings in WHM. No user name supplied: “username” is a required argument, this means the username under the client’s Products/Services tab is empty. You should enter a username, save changes and try module creation again. Also ensure Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Require Domains is ticked to avoid this in future.

B. WHM Username is missing for the selected server, Seeing this error when attempting to provision a hosting account is caused by a server balancing misconfiguration. Ie. no server is selected upon which the account should be created. For troubleshooting steps for this particular issue, please refer to this article

For further details on WHMCS cPanel module please refer to http://docs.whmcs.com/CPanel/WHM > Setting Up a cPanel Package.